Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

- Discover Why Our Platform Is Perfect for Everyone

– DZ STAFF is a cutting-edge platform connecting skydiving dropzones with professionals in
the industry. It simplifies staffing by allowing dropzones to post job listings and professionals
to apply.

– DZ STAFF is perfect for everyone in the skydiving community, including dropzone managers,
skydiving instructors, packers, pilots, ground staff and anyone seeking or offering
skydiving-related positions.

– Yes, sign-up is absolutely free for all users, whether you’re a dropzone owner or a skydiving

– DZSTAFF offers a wide range of positions, from Tandem Instructors to AFF Instructors,
Videographers, packers, pilots, and various ground staff roles.

– Absolutely! Skydiving professionals can search for job listings based on their skills and
preferences, making it easy to find the perfect opportunity.

– DZ STAFF streamlines the hiring process, saving time and effort. It also offers a global
network, enabling connections beyond local boundaries.

– Yes, we frequently offer promotions. For example, we have a limited-time offer where
dropzones can get 50% off their postings with code “HALF”.

– DZ STAFF aims to evolve into a full-service agency, potentially offering full-time positions,
part-time roles, competitive incomes, retirement plans and health insurance for skydiving

– Join our platform, tell your friends and help us grow this dynamic community. Your
participation is essential in shaping the future of skydiving staffing.
Feel free to reach out if you have more questions or need further assistance. We’re here to
support your journey in the skydiving world!